Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's baseball season, and every year during this time Fonzy gets the fever. The fever to play ball. Since moving to Raleigh 5 years ago, Fonzy has been looking for a team to play on and finally found one this year. Even before he found the team, he got new cleats saying this year was the year he would play. He was right.

He ordered his baseball pants and like a kid couldn't wait to try them on when they arrived. He put them on and practiced his hitting with an imaginary bat. His first game is in a few weeks and I know he can't wait.

fonzy Along with playing on a team, he's the assistant coach for the middle school baseball team he teaches at, and head coach for the boys team! How he's going to keep this all straight, I have no idea! I went to the boys practice with them yesterday and it was fun seeing him interacting with kids, running and playing. You can tell they were having a blast!

That's one of the traits I admire most about Fonzy. He genuinely loves kids and being with them. He knows that to reach a kid, sometimes you have to get down to their level, play and just have fun.


Anonymous said...

hi mami
i know this is 3 years later..
but i read ur post about ur waxing story...
on friday i had my brows waxed and similar thing happened..
i had part of my skin peeled off.

im SOOOOO SAD right now
and so afraid scarring will occur.
nurse said it prob will too

did u scar at all and can u please give me some advice?

Thanks so much,

Mami Dearest said...

Hi Delia - you must of read my post on waxing after taking acutane. I am happy to say I did not scar. I applied vitamin E gel to my face directly after the burn.Hopefully you will not scar.