Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life's Little Moments 365 - 1

I've decided since it's almost a new year to do a 365 project. What is a 365 project you ask? Well, I have committed to take a photo/photos a day for 365 days, titled Life's Little Moments, because really, a lifetime is just a bunch of little moments. I also decided to start tonight and not January 1, because everyone knows if you make a new year's resolution (which this is not), it never lasts. So here's to the start of Life's Little Moments 365.

Night, Night, Sleep Tight!


Days like These! said...

so sweet and a great idea ;)

Lisa said...

I have to agree with pp^. What a terrific idea. Kids look so cute when they're sleep..hehehehe

Isolated Existence said...

So cute and I agree a great idea! Sometimes the little things are the ones we tend to remember the most :-)