Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm not very creative. I want to be, but I was not gifted with any special talent. Well, at least any that I've discovered. I've been searching for something I do well. Writing, photography, knitting, drawing, belly dancing. What is it??? I'm not really sure. I just keep trying new things and maybe something will click. How do you find what your gift is?

With the boys being bored, I decided to try art. I needed something to keep them busy, so why not join them, right. You can see my attempt above. I tried giving my drawing hair, but it just didn't look right. She looked better without hair, so I left her bald. Bald is beautiful. At least on my drawing. Fonzy claimed my drawing looked like a 5th grader did it. I haven't decided if that is a compliment or not. I don't think it's too bad. I actually had fun drawing and it was quality time spent with the boys. Time I normally don't spend with them.

On the way to get art supplies, in all my no make-up glory

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Lisa said...

Pic is cute.. I'm not creative either. Oh well.. The pic with your boys is priceless!