Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holding on to traditions

As I sit and type this post, my legs are aching, my feet and back hurt, my kitchen is a mess and I wonder why every year I feel the need to make Christmas cookies. I know it's because I have fond memories of making Christmas cookies with my mom, and I guess I want to feel that "specialness" again, or have my boys feel it. Unfortunately, I am not my Mom. I remember her being patient, the cookies coming out perfect and no yelling.

While making cookies with the boys, I find myself losing patience before we even begin and yelling more often than not. This is what they will probably remember....

"No...not like that!"

"You're spilling the sprinkles all over the floor!"

"Just move out of the way, I'll do it!"

I want this time to be special and something they look back on fondly, but I'm not so sure they will. Maybe it's time to let this tradition go. The boys are getting older and soon won't want to bake cookies with me anyway. I don't know. I guess we will see how the boys and I feel next year.

Right now though I need a long, not shower and some Advil to get rid of my aches and pains. That's a shame when baking cookies makes your whole body ache.


Lisa said...

LMAO!!! You made laughed so hard b/c that is exactly what i say.. Oh man. I feel like a bad mommy I'm glad I'm not alone though.

Don't let that stop you from baking with your boys again; when they get older and move out of the house, they will remember that as a good time with mommy. I bet they will. So don't worry..

I love the pics.. They are so damn cute!! And look how happy you made them!! In their eyes, you're the best!!

Mami Dearest said...

Hey Lisa...the boys want to make cookies again this year, because we ate them all, and now Santa has none. So we will do it all over again. I will try to keep my patience this time :)

Isolated Existence said...

Those cookies looks delish! Yum, now you made crave some sweets, lol. I'm glad they want you to bake more cookies. You know what that means, they don't hear you yelling they are too busy enjoying themselves and thinking how good they are going to taste!