Monday, December 14, 2009

Playing catch up - picture style

Happenings at mi casa the past couple of weeks....

Manuel and Andrea
Manuel and Andrea visited for a couple of weeks.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 086
Manuel tried to teach Andrea how to fish.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 073
Andrea giving it try - she caught nothing. Neither did Manuel for that matter.

Andrea and her belly

Dad and Eva
Dad and Eva arrived for the Thanksgiving holiday

So did Ramon - Eva's brother

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 318
Manuel and Andre - cousins meeting for the first time. They hit it off right from jump.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 313
Seeing the sights downtown Raleigh.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 312
Museum hopping

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 279
Eva found a new man!

Manuel was almost eaten by a dinosaur.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 276
vivid green snakes were hanging around.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 353
Dad did a lot of this - like father, like daughter.

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 354
Eva did a lot of this and even cleaned my stove! It looked like new!

We played a lot of spades

Manuel_Thanksgiving09 351
And did a lot of this!

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