Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Picture Outtakes

I had the bright idea to do a Christmas photoshoot with the boys. I had the image in my head of how I wanted the pictures to be. I got the old school big colored Christmas lights and was going to wrap the boys in the lights and take the cutest pictures! I had a Santa hat for Ezekiel and got the little reindeer antlers for Elijah. I couldn't help smiling thinking of how cute the pictures were going to be.

Of course taking the pictures was not what I had imagined! I don't know how photographers do it! I could not get Elijah to cooperate for anything! I tried the lights, but the boys said they were too hot and burned them. I felt the lights, they were a little warm, but not enough to burn anyone - at least not for the second or two to snap a picture. I tried a few shots with the lights, but it didn't work! The boys acted like they were being burned alive. So I got rid of the lights and just tried to get a decent picture of both of them. Here's the outtakes...


Ezekiel and Elijah

The boys

The boys

The boys

The boys
I finally got what I thought was a cute picture and had Christmas cards made. As soon as Fonzy saw them he told me not to send any to his side of the family! He hated the pic! I guess it's a man thing. I sent the cards to all my girlfriends and they loved it. I guess it's a mom thing.

I don't care what he says...they look cute! Of course when they get older they will probably hate me for this, but they will get over it! I even have it as my desktop picture at work and everyone smiles when they see it.


xanthe said...

your boys look lovely! very natural shots. thanks for sharing.

melissa said...

love the outtakes! Handsome men.

sweetsalty kate said...

I'm sure when they get older this will crack them up. Love it!