Friday, December 4, 2009

Library changed sign

taken with blackberry

I went back to the library today to pick up another book I had reserved - Michael Jackson bio for Ezekiel. Remember, Ezekiel loves Michael Jackson. Well, as you can see, they had changed the sign on the display and also sent me the e-mail below. I didn't think they would change it, but happy they did.

"Ms. Veale, When I spoke with the staff person responsible for the display, she was horrified that she caused you pain. She had seen the phrasing used as a title of a book and thought that it would be intriguing to our mystery readers. She immediately changed the sign to read - Have yourself a merry little mystery. We are sorry that the wording was disturbing to you and are so sorry for your loss. We want the library to be a place of comfort and never one of distress."

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