Friday, September 4, 2009

This is where you will find us most evenings

It’s that time of year again…Football season! Ezekiel and Elijah started football practice about 3wks ago, so we have practice every evening from 6pm – 7: 30pm (5:30pm-8:00pm with drive time) Monday – Thursday and Saturday morning. So if you happen to be wondering what we are up too, mostly likely we are on a football field somewhere.

football 035
Elijah prepping to be Quaterback.

football 040

football 038

football 037

football 022

football 017

football 054
Ezekiel after practice - getting more coaching from Dad.

football 059

football 058

football 065

football 068
Time to go!

football 049
Yep, that's the moon out after practice...long day!

Driving home...

football 070

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Anonymous said...

My Timmy loved football he just loved it soooo much!!!! His favorite team was the Steeler's even though we are from Philly and are avid "Eagles" fans, but no not him, Steelers was his fav! Memories, some help us thru it.

Timmy's mom