Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night Lights

As of right now, Friday is the only evening during the week that we do not have football practice, so what do we do with our football free Fridays - go to high school football games of course! What did you think?

Before the game we decided to grab some dinner. Red Lobster it was.

football 074

football 071

football 075

football 076
Of course, every time we go out to eat, it's a battle with Elijah. He can never seem to figure out what he wants, and just complains about everything and ends up eating very little if anything. It's a wonder this kid is still alive! I guess is surviving on the snacks he is always sneaking. After reading him the kids menu about 5 times, he decides on crab legs. I should of known better. Once he got his plate and saw what crab legs were, he was done.

"Eeeewwwwwww, what is that! I'm not eating these things!"

I think he ate half a biscuit, and some fries. So much for Red Lobster. Ezekiel liked his fried fish and even ate some of the crab legs. Which I was surprised since he is hesitant to try new things. I ended up eating the rest of the crab legs with my endless shrimp dinner - yummy :)

Off to the game we go. We went to see the Apex Cougars....they lost, but we had fun.

football 085

football 089

football 091

football 096

football 097

football 100

football 094
sun setting over the field

football 104
Fonzy and I taken by Ezekiel...of course Fonzy wasn't looking.

football 105

football 099

football 098

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