Friday, September 25, 2009

Football, Football, Football

This is our life right now....Football. If you want to know what were doing, the answer will almost always be football, either practicing, playing or watching.

Saturday, September 19 was the boys first games. Before the game we went out to IHop for breakfast to get the boys good and nourished. And just because I wanted to go.

football2 008
Game faces

football2 012
Fonzy and the boys - of course Fonzy is covering his face.

Fonzy and Ezekiel before Elijah's game - Courgars vs. Tigers

Final Score: Tigers 19 Cougars 12

football2 047

football2 038

football2 040

football2 058

Fonzy and another Dad looking on - I'm sure wanting to run out on the field and tell the boys what to do.

football2 062

football2 063

football2 069

football2 075

football2 088

football2 121
Jay and TJ melting in the muggy heat

football2 048
Karen and TJ watching the game.

Next up is Ezekiel's game - Redskins vs. Patriots

Redsking 18 Patriots 12

football2 170

football2 169

football2 155

football2 151

football2 150

football2 137
Tuesday night, Sept. 22 - in the pouring rain

Redskins vs. Cowboys

Cowboys 12 Redskins 7


football2 192

football2 194

football2 216

football2 213

We were nice and wet after the game.

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