Monday, September 7, 2009

Betty Crocker and the Other Mother

Every now and then, I get this urge to be a “good mommy.” You know the type who plays games, bakes cookies, kisses boo-boos, and cuddles in bed at night for story time. Most times I fail miserably! According to the boys, I’m like the “Other Mother” in Coraline. I act all sweet for a bit, and then all of sudden my head starts spinning and I turn into this evil looking thing. I personally don’t think I’m that bad…but whatever.


Anyway, this weekend I decided I was going to be the good mother and bake football cookies with the boys and be the good wife too and bake pumpkin buns for Fonzy. I was on a roll. In my mind, I saw the perfect football cookies – jerseys with the boys names on them, little helmets the color of their favorite team and then of course perfect little brown footballs. What fun we would have. So I look on line to see if anyone has football themed cookie cutters and just my luck, Michaels has a set with a jersey, helmet and football! Perfect! It was meant for me to be the “good mommy” today. So Elijah and I head off to Michaels to get our cookie cutters. Of course once we get there, we find that Michaels has no more football cookie cutter sets. I guess all the other “good mommies” had the same idea as me. But I wasn’t going to let that deter me. Browsing thru the store I find a box of cookie cutters that has a football and helmet in it…..along with 98 other cookie cutters. But I was determined to be the “good mommy” so I grab the box and we are off to make adorable football cookies.

football 115

We get home and make the dough for the cookies. Now every year during the holidays I bake cookies with the boys and they turn out great….no problems whatsoever. Of course this time when I am trying to create lasting memories, so the boys won’t remember me as “the other mother” my cookies don't turn out right. The dough would not cooperate, the frosting tasted horrible and I couldn’t get the right brown color for the footballs! Oh…and the pumpkin buns I thought for sure were going to be yummy? Yeah…that didn’t happen either. I was so proud of myself too when I was making them. I’ve never made anything like cinnamon buns or bread from scratch, like I had to use yeast and let the dough rise and everything! I even had to knead the dough and kind of liked doing it. I just couldn’t wait for Fonzy to taste my buns. He was going to be so proud of me and brag about the great pumpkin buns I made. The buns come out the oven and actually looked like cinnamon buns. I was too thrilled! I drizzled the icing on them to make it complete and give Fonzy one. I just knew they were going to be pumpkiny delicious. Well, according to Fonzy they tasted alright, but not like pumpkin. I tasted one, and after one bite threw it away. He was right, after all the pumpkin I put in the mix, it tasted nothing like pumpkin, plus I had used the same stuff as the frosting on the cookies for the glaze on the buns. So of course that was nasty! I think the problem with the frosting and glaze had something to do with buying the Wal-Mart brand of confectioners’ sugar. It just didn’t taste right. You can best believe I will never buy that again! I was so disappointed. All my Betty Crocker aspirations were shot!

You would think after all that I wouldn’t want to bake cookies again, but I’m thinking about doing it again this weekend. I’m determined to make the cute football cookies. Determined I tell you! Plus I have over 100 cookie cutters now! I’m going to get my money’s worth; I’ve even looked on the internet on how to make cookie bouquets. Yeah, that should be fun!

cooking 001

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Isolated Existence. said...

Wow, those are a lot of cookie cutters! I enjoyed reading all of your posts and the pictures are incredible, beautiful.

The kiddies look like they had a fun summer. I hope you are feeling a bit better, I am happy to see you Twittering and Blogging :-)