Friday, November 30, 2007

Wanted: Toothfairy

Wanted: a toothfairy who is reliable! That's don't have to be proactive, think outside the box, or work very hard. You can even come to work in your PJ's....just be RELIABLE! Show up when you are suppose to. If you are a toothfairy that fits this description, please contact me at the Mami-Dearest hotline.


Ezekiel lost another tooth and the toothfairy has forgotten for 3 nights! We told him the toothfairy will probably leave him $5 this time since she is such a here.

I've noticed the price of a tooth keeps going up....I blame Bush.


NY Chica Chick said...

That has happened to me a bunch of times too.. My 11 yr. old son was wondering why he didn't get money for his tooth last year and I told him it's b/c he turned 10.. Once kids turn 10, that's it.. No more money for teeth...LOL.. i had to do that b/c he was the hardest kid to put money under his pillow.. He gets up for any little thing...

BTW, my son didn't tell me he waking up for the xbox but you know us MOms, we know... I could read it from his facial expression.

Linsey said...

I need a reliable Magic Elf! I keep going to bed and forgetting!!!

Heres the recipe for those Reindeer Cookie

They were SO cute!!
Merry Christmas