Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving recap - we ate and we rode

We didn't have the traditional Thanksgiving this year. Yes, we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Yes, we had turkey, stuffing, ham, greens, yams, mac-n-cheese, ribs(not so traditional) broccoli cheese casserole, mashed potatoes, arroz con gandules, deviled eggs, ambrosia(fruit salad), millionaire pies, and pumpkin pies. We ate until we were stuffed! Normally, we lay around, watch football, then head back for seconds. Not us....we ate, then we rode....four wheelers, mini motorcycles and a horse!

Fonzy, my sexy rough rider - ok, it's not a Harley, but he is still sexy

I think we need a motorcycle

Rough Rider gang

Fonzy and Ezekiel

Fonzy and Elijah

Karen and TJ

Karen and Jay

Fonzy and some fat chick
(I really need to lose weight. YUCK)

Jay and Ezekiel

Marge - Karen's 87yr old friend, and yes, we had her on a four wheeler. She is a ride or die chick.

Jay and Uncle Charlie



Penny, Uncle Charlie, Karen, Marge, and the same fat chick(me)

Thanksgiving full moon

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Lisa said...

Fat chick?? You are too funny!! I was really lol-ing when I read that. You look fine girl!! But I know, us women are never happy with our appearance...

BTW, you all look great and looked like you had a ball!!