Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fired Up! Ready to Go!

Presidential candidate Barack Obama was here in Durham, and you know we were not going to miss that. Here we are waiting in the stands for Barack, holding our Obama sign. He was suppose to be there at 5PM, but he was running on CP time, and didn't get there until 5:30PM.

We were at NC Central University....a HBCU(Historically Black College/University) Luckily it was nice out, because Barack's speech was held outside on the football field.

Secret Service agents were everywhere. Barack is the only senator who is protected by the Secret Service. I saw one of them listening into their earpieces and the movie "The Bodyguard", with Whitney Houston(before she was a crackhead) and Kevin Costner, flashed into my head. Don't ask me why.

Here they are walking out before Barack.

And in the press box, watching over the field and the surrounding areas.

And here's the man himself, giving his speech. Of course this is not my picture. All the pictures I took of him were sorry, so I took this off the net.

His parting statement: "Are you fired up, ready to go? Now let's go change the world!

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