Friday, August 5, 2016

Sewing Journey

IMG_5654 (2) IMG_5680 IMG_5717 (2) IMG_5700 IMG_5696 IMG_5716 (2) Well, I had a whole post about my sewing journey, but I accidentally deleted it, so here is my short version.

I LOVE vintage dresses. I wanted to learn to sew so I can make my own vintage dresses. Hubby got me a sewing machine for Christmas 2 years ago, and it sat nice and pretty collecting dust until about a month ago. A month ago, I entered the sewing world of Mimi G and decided I was finally going to learn to sew. I am taking her online course called Sew It Academy. She teaches you step by step how to sew, starting with taking your machine out the box. I'm working my way through the course and finished my first project - sunglasses case! They are not perfect, but I'm so proud of myself for making them. Soon I will be on my way to making the vintage dresses I love!

Baby steps ya'll, baby steps.

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