Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cooking Rut!

2_DSC_0207 2_DSC_0226 I am in a cooking rut ya'll! I think it's this weather. The heat has been unbearable! High 90's with heat index over 100! Just too dang hot! My cooking lately, if you want to call it that has consisted of grilled chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers, with a little fish thrown in. And pizza. Lots and lots of pizza! Some nights we skip dinner all together and drink fruit smoothies.

I got a couple of new cookbooks and have been going through them for something different to cook. I love cookbooks. I have a small collection, but am always looking for more. One of my favorites right now is Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. She has recipes with ingredients I love cooking with, are easy to find and personal stories. She even has a chapter dedicated to her Thai roots. Funny thing is I never really liked Chrissy until I got her cookbook. She's actually pretty funny. I've made a few things from her book and will share on another post.

Fall is right around the corner, so I'm sure I'll get back to cooking more, but until then what are your favorite cookbooks? Meals? I need something new and yummy to get out of this rut!

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