Monday, August 22, 2016

Cupcake Skirt Cuteness

balloons walk in the park balloons_2 downtown Kdale_4 downtown Kdale_2 cupcake love skirt looking up downtown Kdale_3 laugh downtown Kdale_7 street downtown Kdale_8 cupcake love skirt_2 jump Cupcake skirt cuteness!

I am learning so much in Mimi G's Sew It Academy. And having fun! This skirt was in our Introduction to Garment sewing, along with the shirt I shared previously.

Shopping for fabric can be so overwhelming! I've shopped at JoAnn's Fabrics before, but never for fabric. When searching for the fabric for this skirt, I went down each aisle, touching the fabric, pulling out bolt after bolt and couldn't decide. I saw this cupcake print and thought, how cute and put the bolt back. I searched some more, but kept coming back to the cupcakes, so decided cupcakes it is! I figured it would make a cute, playful skirt.

Mimi taught us how to take our measurements, draft our own pattern, cut and sew. I knew I wanted to add pockets to my skirt, so I found a tutorial by Dana of Made Everyday, and it was pretty easy. I chose a dark pink/white polka dot pattern for my pockets. I hate that I forgot to take a picture of the pockets. You can see a glimpse of a pocket in the 2nd picture to last.

So here are things I learned with this project...

~ When measuring the elastic, we were told to take your waist measurement, then cut about an inch or so off. Either I measured my waist wrong, or I needed to take more off, because the skirt was kind of big. I thought about cutting more, but didn't want it to end up too tight, so stuck with what I had.

~ When making pockets, make sure you take into account your waistband when placing your pockets, and watch the opening. I had to work to fit my hand into one of the pockets. I had sewn the opening a little, so it was a tight fit. Also, I placed my pockets 3 inches from the top, but didn't take into consideration my waistband. Another thing I noticed, when I had my hands in the pockets, it pulled the skirt down. I guess that's from it being a little big. So I need to remember that also.

~ My sewing has gotten straighter, my cutting....not so much! I really need to work on that.

All in all, I am happy with my skirt. It was a fun, playful project. Next in our class, Mimi has us working with knits, making leggings, t-shirt and t-shirt dress. I really have no desire to make leggings or t-shirts, but I will probably make the dress. I've been watching tutorials online on how to read patterns, because that's what I really want to do next. Tackle the patterns I bought below. I have a bunch of vintage patterns for dresses, pajamas, and pants, some Mimi G patterns, a skirt pattern and even a granny chic pattern for a frock (the first one in the bottom row) Hey, I am a granny, so why not! I think the first one I'm going to try are the vintage pjs. Fall is right around the corner, and there is nothing better than lounging in pj's, knitting. Yes, I'm still knitting, Knitting is my first love and I will always knit. I'm still working on my chunky cable blanket, I just need to take some pictures to share. Sewing kind of took over for a bit :)


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