Monday, June 20, 2016


IMG_4703 (2) IMG_4704 IMG_4709 IMG_4711 IMG_4717 fern mist collage IMG_4815 IMG_4825 IMG_4826
Happy 1st day of Summer!

I love summer with all it's green, and pretty flowers.I get so excited each year when my gladiolus come up. They are the only perennials I have planted as of right now. Each year, I plant sunflowers and last year, I planted daisies, and a few pumpkin seeds. The daisies and pumpkins never came up, but my sunflowers were gorgeous as always. I think I planted the pumpkins too early last year, so I'm trying again this year. One of my flower beds was empty on one side, since my daisies didn't come up so I cleaned up that area and planted a few pumpkin seeds a couple weeks ago. I wasn't really expecting anything to come up since last year they didn't, but you see those little green sprouts?? Those are pumpkin sprouts!! I wasn't sure if they were pumpkin sprouts at first, so I did a search online and they are!! I didn't plant huge pumpkins, just little sugar ones, but I'm so excited! I will be content if I get just one pumpkin.

Every evening, I've been going out and watering my flowers and fern in the front on the porch. I haven't killed the fern yet! Yay me! Everything is thriving! This weekend on a morning flower checkin, I had a visitor. He let me take several pictures, while he enjoyed the sunshine and flower nectar. I seem to get little visitors every summer. Here are some from last year.


Alina said...

Such lovely photos! Summer is definitely my favorite time of year. Your garden looks so beautiful!

steph said...

that is the BIGGEST dragonfly I've ever seen!!!!! Great photo capture!!!