Thursday, June 16, 2016


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Elijah is heading off to sleep-away basketball camp today. He's excited, but I'm sure a little nervous. Or maybe that's just me. He's never been to sleep-away camp, and even though it's about 20 minutes away, he won't be home with us.

This week has been a such a sad, heartbreaking week. With the mass shooting in Orlando, and the toddler being killed by an alligator in the happiest place on earth, it's just too much. You just want to gather up your loved ones and lock them safely away. But of course we can't. Having lost one son to gun violence, I worry constantly whenever my boys aren't in sight. I know that's not a way to live, but I can't help it. Fonzy says I'm negative and always think the worst. And honestly, I try not too, but the worst HAS happened and in my worry, and warnings to the boys I'm just trying to feel better myself. To let go just a little and pray with all my might they return safely home.

Elijah has been working so hard. Even though it's summer break, he's up at 5:45am every morning for football training, along with basketball practice in the evening. He and Fonzy don't get home until around 8pm each night, having left at 6:30am! It's long, tiring days and he hasn't complained about it once. He's striving to be the best he can be in both sports. I can't believe he will be in high school this Fall! Our last baby is growing up.

These pictures are from his 8th grade graduation. The graduation started out a little rocky, but by the end, it was all good. He even was awarded Athlete of the Year! Good things are in store for him, including camp!

So......I'm going to pray, let go just a little, and think the best, not the worst! He's going to have the time of his life at camp and return to us safely Sunday afternoon, having grown up a little bit more.

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