Monday, June 13, 2016


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This past week was chock-full of goodness. That's the type of weekend I like.

My gladiolus are starting to bloom. I love grabbing a cup of coffee and heading to the backyard to check out my flower beds. I'm normally joined by Titus, bees hard at work and birds chirping away. Great way to spend a Saturday morning.

It was HOT this weekend. So ice coffee was on the agenda with a little knitting. I think that was the only time I knit this weekend. Too much other stuff going on. Like the State Farmers Market. I love the Farmers Market. So much goodness in one place. I bought some things new to me. Patty Pan Squash was one of them. That's the little yellow flower looking squash. I've never had it. The farmer said it was kind of sweet and told me how to cook it. so I bought a few. I have yet to taste them.

Another purchase, and my favorite of the day - local honey. I LOVE using honey in recipes, but hate to admit I've always bought honey in the store. I've never tried local raw honey. Oh my gosh! I may never use store bought again. Bee Blessed Pure Honey has a booth at the Farmers Market. So many different variety's and just the sweetest couple. I was able to sample all the different variety's and decided on the Alfalfa. I also got some fresh eggs from them. If you've never had pure, raw unfiltered honey, you must try it! I would love to visit their bee farm and do a post about them. I think on my next trip to the Farmers Market I will ask them about it.

Another place I always visit at the Farmers Market is D'Vine Foods. They have jelly, jams, preserves, and butters. Along with salsa's, relishes and other delights. I've gotten the banana and pumpkin butters and really like them. This visit I decided to try something different. I got the Chunky Monkey Butter. It has banana, pineapple and coconut in it. I slathered some on a leftover biscuit from breakfast when I got home and loved it. I was told it would be good with peanut butter on a sandwich. We'll see. I'm thinking the maple bacon jam might be on my list next to try! All in all it was a good trip. Even better that I had my sister along.

After the Farmers Market we hit the pool! And it was much needed. Saturday was well into the 90's, hot and sticky!

Hubby and I did some furniture shopping this weekend too, and bought new living room furniture. We've had our furniture for forever! I'm so excited, but not excited we have to wait until next week for delivery. I'm not a very patient person.

Sunday, we attended Ezekiel's girlfriend's graduation and that about wrapped up our weekend. See...chock-full of goodness.

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