Monday, August 17, 2015

Backyard Chronicles

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This summer I made it a point to spend more time in our backyard. Last summer we spent hardly any time in the yard, and I vowed this year would be different. And it was.

With a little sprucing up, and Fonzy working tirelessly on the yard, our backyard has become a place I've been happy to spend time in. Morning coffee feels good in the sunshine.

A few things we did in the backyard was put the cement squares down for our picnic table, got a new burnt orange (a favorite color of mine) umbrella for the table, an outdoor rug and a new fire pit. With just those few changes it made the patio area so much cozier. See Titus's smile. He loves the changes too!

Of course, I've shared plenty on Instagram and Facebook of my sunflowers and gladiolus. I have flowerbeds in the corners of our back fence. I LOVE my sunflowers. Can't get enough of them. I'm thinking of planting even more next Spring! Unfortunately, my pumpkins never grew. Oh well, maybe I will try them again next year.

We've been doing more grilling too. Lot's of grilled pizza this summer. The boys complain they are tired of pizza, but I'm not! I'm thinking a few more nights of grilled of pizza before the weather starts to change. Fall is in the air! I feel it creeping it. And with Fall right around the corner, I see us using the fire pit a whole lot more. We've used it a few times already, but Fall is really fire pit weather.

I included a picture of our side yard. In a previous post, shared below - I shared how we ripped out some old bushes and planted tropicals. They are so pretty now. And the grass has filled in nicely. I noticed how many bare spots we had in the yard in the post below, but most of them are filled now too.

Our backyard in the beginning of the summer here.

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