Thursday, August 13, 2015

Myrtle Beach Weekend 3

IMG_8781 (2) IMG_8783 (2) IMG_8785 (2) IMG_8787 (2) IMG_0560 IMG_0576 (2) IMG_0568 IMG_0578 IMG_0563 IMG_0557 (4) IMG_3160Weekend getaways are so good. It's been a while since we've done a weekend away. It was much needed. It felt good to wake up and have nothing that needs to be done. No chores, no sports, no cooking....nothing. Just a day ahead full of adventure. A day spent lounging on the beach, salty breezes blowing, then out to dinner that evening. Ahhh.....

Dinner at the House of Blues was good. It was also the only time I took pictures of food! And it was so dark, I couldn't even get great pictures. We had an extra long wait for our food to arrive, but we didn't mind too much. I guess that's all part of being on vacation. No rush, no place to be. The cornbread with maple butter was good! Had little pieces of jalapeno and cheese in it.Sweet and spicy! Yummy! I ordered the lobster mac and cheese and loved it. It now has me searching for lobster mac and cheese recipes to make my own. I've found a few recipes that might be good.

After dinner we headed out to the deck to listen to live music. Fonzy and I have great memories of Ezekiel dancing the night away on that deck. Unfortunately, when we got out there the live band was on a break and the mosquitoes decided to eat Fonzy and the boys alive so we didn't last long.

Driving back to the hotel, the boys wanted to play Putt Putt on one of the many miniature golf courses they have in Myrtle. It seems there is one on every block. There's dinosaurs, pirate ships, volcanoes, mermaids. All types. We picked dinosaurs. Nothing like a friendly game of putt putt among dinos. Of course, being with all males, any sport turns into a competition. So the boys and Fonzy went at it. Ezekiel was the winner! We've decided we want to play putt putt more often. Good family fun.

Sunday, before we left Myrtle, Fonzy and the boys wanted to head to outlet stores. Now, I am not one for shopping. I dislike it immensely. But they aren't big fans of the beach so it was a give and take. So off to the stores we went. I found one store I actually enjoyed. Kitchen Connection I think it was called. I saw so many gadgets, cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, programmable crockpots....the list could go on and on with what I wanted. I really think the programmable crockpot is a must. Especially with Fall right around the corner. Haven't got one yet, but I see one in my future.

All in all our weekend was great. I wish we had more time away, but school and work call, so back to the real world.

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