Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lil' Miss Foxy

IMG_8713 IMG_8830 (2) IMG_1256 (3) Lil Miss Foxy Knitting has been slow going the past few months. I have a few dolls I'm working on, but just wasn't feeling them. Tried working on an afghan I've been slowly knitting for over a year now, but wasn't feeling that either. So a little knit break I took.

Finally picked the needles back up, started and finished Lil' Miss Foxy within a week. She was a cute, easy knit and got me back knitting. Or maybe it's just because Fall is almost here. Probably both!

Lil Miss Foxy pattern can be found on Ravelry here.


Darcel {MahoganyWayMama} said...

You are so talented. I love these dolls your making. So cute!

Elise said...

This is so cute, love her! :)