Monday, December 19, 2011 want to knit/crochet that why?

This is for all my knitting and crocheting peeps!

Have you ever seen a project and wanted to knit/crochet it for no reason at all? You know that crazy project that people are kinda like....ummm...why do you want to knit/crochet that?

I have 2 of those projects right here!

First - I've been searching for doll patterns to make my grandbaby a doll and came across Babes in Wool. Really not appropriate for an almost 2 year old, but I love them! So I've decided I'm going to make a Mini Me. Yes...I am! Why you ask? Because I want to! That's why!

If you crochet, I'm sure you've heard of  Twinkie Chan. She has the cutest foodie scarves. Yes, they are a little crazy, but oh so cute! I saw this popcorn scarf in her book and instantly wanted to make it. Why you ask? Just because! We are movie loving people in our house. Friday nights are normally movie night. Wouldn't this scarf be cute to wrap around while watching a good movie? This would be my movie watching scarf.

I know, I know....I'm crazy. But that's ok. I'm ME!

Quirky, crazy, ME!

So tell me my other crafty friends. Is there a project you want to make that make people wonder....hmmmm......I don't know about her!


Darthgemini said...

You just gave me a new obsession for crochet. I absolutely love this. Ive never seen her book before. Yay!!!! Thank You soooo much!

Nicky said...

Just my learning to knit made me get that face ... errr ... you learned how to do what? LOLOL.

Funny you should post this today ... I ordered two knitted toys books on the weekend. I didn't see the sense in them at first but those monsters are so ding danged cute. I'll sacrifice some cool so I could knit monsters ... LOLOL.

Can't wait to see your popcorn scarf!!!!

Gabriela said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the popcorn scarf and totally support that you make it. Those dolls look really cool too.