Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I would tell her...


Enjoy your childhood and don’t wish it away. These days are going to fly by and one day you will be wishing for this time.

Do your best in school. Don't do the minimum just to get by. And when you get that F, don’t try to change it to an A, you will get found out.

Spend as much time as you can with Mommy. Find out all about her life, her thoughts, and her dreams. Hug her often and tell her you love her every day. She will be gone much too soon and you will wonder all of these things.

Never ever stop believing or praying. When life gets tough, God is always there.

LOVE YOURSELF! Cherish yourself and your body. You are special and you don't need anyone or anything to make you feel special. You already are!

Wait to fall in love. God has someone in store for you, and if you don’t wait you will be headed for heartache.

Cherish your babies when they are little. I know it’s hard when they are crying in the middle of night, having to change diapers and dependant on you for everything, but it won’t always be this way. They will grow up, and you will wonder where your babies went.

Be patient! I know how hard this is for you. A little patience goes a long way.

ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS....tell the people in your life how much you love them. Tomorrow is not promised.

As a Mom, you will have to experience your worst nightmare, but remember God is always there with you. Your friends and family are there for you also. When you feel like you just want to lie down and die, call on God. He will be there for you. I promise.

I love you and we are going to make it on this journey we call life….together.



Lisa said...

Why do you always write these posts that make me teary-eyed?? I wish I could hug you in real life and make it all better for you, for real. I'm so glad we have God to pray to and to talk b/c without him there's nothing. Keep your head up girl. XOXO

@poorparenting said...

What a wonderful idea for a post - and what sage advice too.

Sylvia said...

This is so beautiful and touching! It was a joy reading a part of you! Thanks for the sincerness!