Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Thoughts

I tend to worry. Even though God has ALWAYS come through for us. We have had job losses, death of loved ones, everyday trials and tribulation, but God has always been there. I need to quit worrying - really! Because God has proved to me over and over again that He is and will always be there.

Even though it's only July, I'm ready for Fall!

I love our new house.

I wish Manuel, Andrea and Carmen were here. I finally get a girl(Granddaughter) and I can't even enjoy her. They are too far away :(

I've been craving Mexican food.

I want to go to the beach - like right now! I need to go before the summer is over.
(hint, hint Fonzy)

I'm in the process of knitting 2 hats. 2 hats that I started last year! I really want to be done with them and start something else. I want to learn to make socks. Maybe participate in a Socktoberfest in October? I need to get knitting!

Ezekiel is going to be in middle school this year. Middle school! Where has the time gone?

Elijah threw cold water on me yesterday. He had a water bottle in the freezer and thought it was frozen, so took the top off, and doused me thinking it wouldn't come out of the bottle. WRONG! I yelled at him for doing it, but I really wanted to laugh. I probably should of, but the shock of the freezing water kept me from it.

The boys start football practice next week. YaY for football!

Fonzy has cut himself a mohawk! I guess he figures it's summer and he is going to go all out. I need to take a picture.

I'm on mission to start mailing letters and cards again. Don't you just love getting letters in the mail. I do! It brightens my day. I'm on a mission to brighten someones day. Anyone want to join me?

I love bright cheerful flowers on the table.

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