Monday, July 19, 2010

House Update

The boys rooms are finished! Well, mostly finished. We have a few more items to hang up in their rooms, but other than that, we are done! Yay! We are too happy to have them done. Fonzy and I are tired of painting! We painted the loft this weekend also, and have decided no more painting this year! Our room will have to wait until next summer.

The first room is Elijah's room. We stained his furniture this darker color before we moved. The picture below is Fonzy staining it. See how light it was. It looks so much better dark - looks like a brand new bedroom set.

Elijah slept in his room maybe twice and has been sleeping with Ezekiel. He said he will be ready to sleep in his own room when he is 11 or 12. He is 8 now. Uh..yeah.

Elijah's room

Before Fonzy staining the furniture

Here is Ezekiel's room. He's a Carolina Panther fan, so we painted his room gray and he has Panther decor. We are framing his Panther jerseys to hang up and he will be getting a desk and some other things, but it's good for now.
Ezekiel's room
It's all coming together. It's feeling more and more like home and we are enjoying it! I can't wait to decorate for the holidays! Yes, I'm talking holidays and it's only July!

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Isolated Existence. said...

Very nice! Love the colors, you guys did a great job :-)