Thursday, July 29, 2010

NC Pro-Am

With Fonzy and the boys off for the summer, they need things to keep them entertained, besides chores and swimming all day. Fonzy heard about the NC Pro-Am summer league...just what they needed. From my understanding, they have high school, college and pro basketball players on teams together who compete against each other. The boys were excited since John Wall is on one of the teams. The games are played at Central University, so guess where we were Tuesday night?

While watching the games, the boys found someone new they like...Mason Plumlee. He plays for Duke University. The boys were determined to get a picture and autograph after the game. Mason and his brother Marshall, who also plays were happy to oblige.

During the last game of the evening, Ezekiel and Elijah were called down to court during half time to compete against each other in a free throw contest. As you can see from the picture below, Elijah won!

The boys enjoyed it and we will head back next week when John Wall's team plays. The boys are looking forward to that.

NC Pro Am

brothers The Veale brothers with the Plumlee brothers


the boys

elijah Elijah

ezekiel Ezekiel

little bro wins
Little brother wins!

santa claus
Santa Claus likes basketball too! This is his summer look =)

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