Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kindergarten, here we come!

Well, that's last baby has started school. No more kids at home. Not like I was sitting at home with them, but still. Elijah has been so ready to go school. He jumped out of bed this morning and started harassing me to hurry, because he needed to get to school and could not be late! (I think he knows we are always late...such bad parents that we are) When Elijah sets his mind to something, he does not play. He was up and ready within 30 minutes. But it was too early to leave so he went nuts for about an hour and bugged the mess out of me...which by the way, he is very good at. It was finally time to go and Elijah could barely contain himself. He was finally going to "big school" with Ezekiel. Let's see how long that lasts. Don't you just wish they could keep this enthusiasm for all of their school years. I say give him a few weeks and he'll be dragging his feet just like all the other kids.

Now what surprised me the most today is when I left him at the school, I got all choked up. I'm not the type of mom to cry because their kid is starting school. I'm usually the mom dancing around, so excited to finally have them in school....but something about Elijah starting school just got to me today. My last baby.....

Here he is before we headed to school

walking into the school

Welcome to Kindergarten!

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The Dairy Wife said...

Did you really make him pose in front of the Kindergarten sign? lol.

I made Josh my oldest get back off of the bus so I could take his picture when he was in Kindergarten and the whole bus full laughed and he was so embarrassed and five years old.

I love that picture!

Ah, the things we mama's do that love their babies.