Saturday, August 25, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

When you live in a house full of football lovin' and playing men, you learn to love the game also. So I am football lovin' momma. Ezekiel and Elijah are playing football for the first time this year. Elijah is playing flag and Ezekiel is playing tackle. Elijah claims flag football is not "real" football, because there are no pads and no tackling! We went to Ezekiel's first practice last week and Elijah was itching to get out there with the big boys. He sat on the sidelines with the football in his lap wishing he was out on the field. He claimed he could do all the exercises and drills they did, but even better. Anyone who knows Elijah, knows he talks a lot of noise! He is 5 and itty-bitty....but to hear him tell it, he is better and can beat anyone in anything. Hmmm, sounds just like his daddy :) To hear Fonzy tell it, he was the best player on all his football teams growing up and he beat up everyone at school. He was "the man". And now Elijah, according to himself, is "the man".

I remember when Samuel and Manuel were little and first started to play football. They were so cute all suited up in their pads and uniforms. Of course like any mother, I was worried about them getting hurt, or being tackled by bigger boys, but they never got seriously hurt....Thank God. And the games were so much fun.

I'm looking forward to Ezekiel and Elijah's football days. The early Saturday morning games, as the weather starts to cool, dad's on the sidelines, yelling advice to their sons and reliving their own glory days out on the field and mom's praying their son's won't get hit too hard when tackled. And even though winning is not everything, we all secretly hope our sons' team wins the game!

Awww, football season!

Are you ready for some football? I am!

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