Thursday, August 9, 2007

Honey Do List

I thought Honey Do lists were for I wrong? I guess I am because I got a Honey Do list from Fonzy a couple weeks ago. One day a week I work from home. It just so happened on my work from home day, I get an e-mail with the subject of Honey Do List. Hmmm, did I really want to open that? Of course you know I opened it and this is what it said.....

Hey Love, Here is just a sweet reminder of some of the tasks I hoped you would handle while at home today. (my thoughts: Uh, I am not at home chillin' eating bon-bons and watching soap operas. I am WORKING from home)

1) Clean house- have Manuel vacuum house, Ezekiel vacuum his room, have all boys help you hang up boys clothes (let them work and you monitor- and remember NO YELLING- you are trying to teach them something allow your kind motherly skills to prevail), (my thoughts: are you trying to say I yell all the time, that I am not a kind mother...huh...are you? I may yell sometime, but not ALL the time, dang!)pull all of EZEKIEL'S jean pants in storage container (most will have to be removed from hangers- use those hangers to hang his jean shorts), match-up their short outfits and hang them on appropriate hangers (again show them how to do it and just monitor), make sure Manuel's room and bathroom are clean (inspect it b/c he has been slacking- look behind toilet, etc.), remind Manuel to wash his uniform, have boys clean back porch (sweep), have all boys sweep and clean both garages- ALL balls (including baseballs) need to be put in red net basket or bag under black shelf (Manuel can pull out cars- have them start with far garage), have Manuel hang cross on wall where computer is at (middle is fine- he may need to put a nail at bottom to make it stay straight), put table back and have boys wipe it off good.

2) Check on the registration card for the Mazada- price and how to get it.

3) Vacuum truck(after they clean garage)- Manuel can pull truck into garage and have boys help him clean it out and vacuum it. Remind him that he doesn't like it when people yell at him so encourage boys and let them know that I will deal with them if they do not help- at any rate there is to be NO FIGHTING!!! (my thoughts: laughing hysterically...hahaha! No fighting...hahahahaha....)

4) Have boys (E & E) straighten out my closet match-up shoes; put DRESS or BLACK socks, drawls, hoopin' or bullcorn shorts and t-shirts, and towels in laundry room dirty clothes. Only white clothes should be left on floor, dress clothes and others should be put in my hamper. If you don't whether it's clean or dirty- treat it as dirty. Have them line my shoes up on walls near fan behind the closet door.

5) If they do good, reward them! If they have a strong reasonable desire- call me and I'll pick it up. That means no fighting and everything done in 2-3 hours!! Set timer!! And for you my love..... a good rub down and something else small that you would like - talk to me!
(my thoughts: the diamond journey necklace I have been hinting at is small....)

6) Print this out and have boys check off each tack as they complete them.

Love you- gotta go, see you when I see you!

Your faithful and ever-loving husband,


Anonymous said...

Oh my freakin' gosh!!!! Is he a preacher too? Wow!! I would've laughed too!!! Damn!!!! That is a little crazy, I have to admit. What was your reply to him???


Anonymous said...

I love your new look!!!! Where have you been?? We are missing you at LB:(