Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sewing Chronicles - Spring Daisy Pajama Pants

DSC_0086_2 I had to stand on the stool to get a good shot of the pants. I couldn't get a good one othewise! DSC_0104_2 IMG_0542 DSC_0092_2
Hi Peeps! I have a new sewing project to share. Daisy pajama pants!

I haven't gotten my confidence up enough to tackle any of the vintage dresses I want to make, but wanted to sew something. Since I live in pajamas when home, I figured this was a good start for my first commercial pattern. It's Simplicity 2290, a learn to sew pattern. All I've learned in Mimi G's Sew It Academy so far helped me with this project. If you want to learn to sew I recommend Mimi G. She is awesome!

These pants are so comfy! They are a tad too big, I should have cut the medium instead of the large, but pajamas are comfiest when big. At least I think so. I lounged around in these most of the day. The project actually helped boost my confidence a little. I think I'm ready to tackle a simple dress. I've decided to get a serger, so as soon as it arrives (I can't wait!) I will be ready to make a dress! At least I think I'll be ready. Sergers look kind of scary!

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