Friday, March 10, 2017

11/52 Self Portraits in Black And White - Happy Birthday Mommy!

DSC_0586_2 DSC_0608_2 Mommy's sweater Mommy's sweater 2 mommy

Today is my Mommy's birthday. She would have been 62, but she will forever be 31. I wanted to pay tribute to her today, by showing off this sweater. This sweater is over 30 years old and the only thing I kept of my Moms. She wore it all the time. I always thought it was too busy and never really liked it, but it was her. The sweater has been tucked away in the closet and one day I decided to pull it out and try it on. As I slide my arms into the sleeve I really NOTICED the sweater. I mean really looked at it and realized it was hand knit! I always thought it was store bought. Being a knitter now, I was able to tell the hand knit stitches, and all the work my Mom put into this sweater. All the little flowers, the diamond motif, the yarn made buttons. It was just amazing to me. No wonder my Mom wore it all the time. She must have been so proud of her work. Having this knowledge, the sweater is more precious to me than ever.

I love that I share knitting with her, that we have this connection. Her memory, her life, her gift is alive in me. 

Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you always and forever.

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