Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We'll Beat You One Day

DSC_0227_2 elijah and fonzy DSC_0223_2 Every since the boys were little, they've played basketball with Fonzy. Fonzy would tower over them, and play them as if he was playing someone his own size, not someone only up to his stomach. The boys would try their hardest, but they always lost. They would be mad, and at times would have tears in their eyes, but swore one day when they were taller than him, they would beat him.

Fast forward to now.

The boys are taller than Fonzy now and sometimes it's a still a struggle for them. There's much smack talking, lots of pushing around, fouls being yelled out, and yes even tears sometimes. But as they once swore as little boys in the driveway, "we'll beat you one day!" They do beat him. But most of the time, he still beats them. No matter how much taller they are!

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