Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bread, Puppy Paws, and What to Knit

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 I'm sitting here at the dinning table stuffed mostly on bread. Today's loaf, rosemary and olive oil. It was very tasty and with only crumbs on the cutting board, I guess everyone else agreed.

I had to post these pictures of Azul. Whenever he is sleepy, he wants co cuddle up next to Fonzy and sleep. He will get in that corner of the couch and snore away. I was just reminded of the picture of Titus and I like that when he was puppy. Awwww...he grew so fast. He wasn't a puppy for long.

Maybe all the bread making was due to not knitting anything right now. I can't decide what I want to knit. I thought maybe I wanted to knit a doll, but couldn't decide on which one. It's been chilly here this past week, so I was thinking mittens, but I searched and didn't find anything that said knit me. Another hat, cowl, maybe work on one of the two blankets I have in progress. I can't decide, but I will have something on the needles tonight. I'm going into withdrawals since I haven't knit in a few days.

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