Tuesday, September 13, 2011

His Hands and Feet

Hands Feet Fonzy

Fonzy and I got into a disagreement this morning. Nothing big, just one of our you don't understand me kinda things. You know, you tell your husband something, just making a simple comment and it turns into something else all together. Too much for 6-something in the morning! Anyway, he and Ezekiel left for school/work and Elijah and I did the same.

Going over some of my pictures, I noticed these I took of Fonzy's hands and feet. I don't know why I take these pictures. I just happen to notice his hands and feel an urge to capture them. Same with his feet. Strange, I know. But I think about my Mom and wish I had more pictures, even of her hands. I remember her having stubby fingers with short nails. I remember Samuel's hands with long skinny fingers. They always reminded me of ET's fingers.

After a while, you forget the little details of a person, their hands, their feet, a beauty mark. Their laughter, the sound of their voice. I try and I try to remember my mom's laugh, but I can't. What I wouldn't give to hear it again. I'm lucky that I have Samuel's voice with his music. It's hard to listen to now, but I'm sure with time I will be able to and not cry.

 These photos of Fonzy's hands and feet - I'm glad I have them. These hands have held me at my saddest time, have chased away nightmares. His feet have traveled hundreds of miles to the life we have now. And even though he get's on my nerves every now and then, I wouldn't trade him, his feet or his hands! Not for all the tea in China!


New York Chica said...

Awwwww u can make anyone cry. This is so sweet. I'm sure one look at this post he won't remember why you guys got into a little ol' disagreement.

Isolated Existence. said...

It happens. By the time you guys go to sleep everything should be better :-)