Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Storm clouds

after the storm

Today was a dreary day

Kinda fit my mood

Sadness has seeped in

I try to fight it, try to hide it

Smile, laugh, put on my mask

I wonder why it's here again...the sadness

And then I realize why

It's almost October

Samuel's birthday

Should be a happy time....but it's not

It's another reminder that he is no longer here

I will never see him again

Clouds roll in

I go outside with my camera

Hoping for a glance, a sign, anything

Are you there

Are you ok

Do you see me

Do you feel how much I miss you

Love you

Wish I could hold you just one more time

One more time

The clouds will roll away

The sun will shine again

My sadness will subside

Life will go on

But I will NEVER, EVER stop missing you

I will NEVER, EVER stop loving you


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