Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Scenes

isaida 107
The Pit BBQ

After church today, we headed downtown to enjoy the great weather we're having. It has been so cold lately and today was almost 65!

The main reason I wanted to go out, was to take pictures. The only way I'm going to get better and learn my camera is to get out and shoot.

isaida 111 At The Pit

isaida 113 Fonzy and the boys with a statue of Ghandi. Fonzy and Ghandi share the same birthday.

isaida 117 Ezekiel

isaida 116 Elijah

isaida 125 The boys and I

isaida 134 While strolling around downtown you can't help but notice the many homeless. I didn't realize there were so many homeless here in Raleigh. It was warm today, but I thought back on the freezing weather we had in February and wondered how they made it. It really makes you appreciate all you have. We always want more, more, more and really we have so much already. My heart just broke seeing them all.

isaida 137

isaida 152

isaida 138

isaida 139

isaida 140

isaida 131

isaida 149

isaida 157
Loved the look of this restaurant - potential date night spot

isaida 153

isaida 159
We had a great afternoon, being out and about. We really need to do this more often.

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