Friday, February 12, 2010


Wendell Wolves 2009 - 2010 Conference Champs!

Yep, they did it and it was an exciting game! The gym was packed with students, the band was playing Earth, Wind & Fire tunes and Wendell was facing a team that had served them two of their three losses for the conference championship. The home court had never provided a better atmosphere. The excitement was palpable.

Wendell Championship 046 Coach Veale and Coach Smith anxiously awaiting the start of the game.

Wendell Championship 026
The team reciting their creed before the game.

Wendell Championship 061
Last words from Coach before the start of the game.

Wendell Championship 106 Down The Wolves played hard. They were down by halftime, but came back with a thunder!

Wendell Championship 120 Division Champs and the fans storm the floor!

Wendell Championship 115

Wendell Championship 114

Wendell Championship 125

Wendell Championship 123

Wendell Championship 137

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JayJack said...

Brother In Law that first picture you are showing a little gray in the beard. Time is flying aint it. To quote Ray from LIFE, " You On Deck, (for what) That Upper Room, you like baseball well you on deck" The Upper ROOM! CONGRATS to you and the crew!