Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Samuel's Headstone

Samuel's Headstone

I got the proof yesterday for Samuel's headstone. This is the bronze plaque that will be attached to a marble base. A lasting memory of his life. My favorite baby picture, with his brothers, at the computer composing his music and the most recent picture of him. The circle is where a bronze vase will be for flowers.

I think they did a beautiful job. They should have it finished and set at his gravesite within a few weeks.


Lisa said...

It's beautiful. I bet he loves it.

Susan Sutton said...

Awww, turned out soooo beautiful! That is way better than I had imagined it was going to be! They did so good! Let me know when they put it out so I can take the kids to go see it.
Love you!

Ms. Latina said...

I saw the tweets between you and NewYorkChica and just wanted to tell you that it is beautiful. A wonderful tribute to your first born son. It will bring you some comfort to have it in place, comfort that I pray will grow with each passing day.

You and your family are in my prayers. GBU

Ms. Latina

Daniel Rosario said...

Wow....all too many few answers.....i hate that you are going thru this sis.....all i can say is i love you and i am always here for you....reading your words makes my heart hurt even more.....i am always here for you.....your lil' bro....Daniel

Isolated Existence. said...

Beautiful tribute, just beautiful.