Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pig Pickin'

Last night we went to Jay's house for a pig pickin'. After seeing the pig on the grill, I will have my pork out of the grocery store...thank you very much.

summer09 025

summer09 022
The pig's hoof! YUCK! Gabby tore it up.

summer09 030
See those hotdogs on the grill...that is what I ate. I tasted some of the pig, but it was too pig tasting for me, if that makes any sense. Wilbur was alive and well just the day before, so this was way too fresh for me!

summer09 028
Want some? Uh, no!

summer09 035
Fonzy getting a plate.

summer09 056
Once it got dark, the kids, along with Damien, played video games.

summer09 054
Alyssa and TJ decided to watch TV in bed.

summer09 052
And no family gathering is complete without a game of Spades and alot of trash talk.

summer09 053
Around the Spade table

summer09 033
And just one more look of why I did not eat Wilbur!


How nasty is that!


Ms. Latina said...

Ahhhh this reminds me of Puerto Rico when the family got together and played dominoes while eating our roasted pig! Loved those times but gathering with friends and playing spades in NYC is just as great even tho I still miss the pig LOL

Susan Sutton said...

Eeeeeeew!!! I was looking at these pictures and Mello walked up behind me....even his comment was "Eeeeew"!!! Lol!!!

Isolated Existence. said...

Again great shots, beautiful colors!! Food looks so delish minus the pig leg. My stomach turned when I saw it, lol.