Friday, July 10, 2009

Catching up - kids, kids and more kids!

I'm trying to catch up on posting some recent pictures I took. Last Thursday I decided to do the mom thing and stay home with the boys, but not only did I have Ezekiel and Elijah, I had Jay's two kids, my neice and nephew Alyssa and Matthew and Vicki's(sister-in-law) two little ones, Gabby and Mccadam. I'm sure I didn't spell that right. So I spent most of the day with 6 kids! Not normal for me at all. Vicki dropped the kids off bright and early at 6:40am, so we had breakfast and headed to a local trail to play in the creek...a very dirty creek. I really just wanted to take pictures, so had to do something the kids wouldn't mind and to keep them all occupied.

July2 006
Breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. It was kind of smokey, with all the frying going on.

July2 009
the boys, left to right - Ezekiel, Elijah, Mccadam, and Matthew

July2 011
the girls, Alyssa and Gabby

July2 030
our shadows

July2 043
creepy, crawly things along the way

July2 025
the creek

July2 067
I threatened the kids if they got their clothes wet, they would not be allowed back in the truck, hence them holding up their shorts.

July2 075
Elijah and Mccadam

July2 087
my feet - the only proof that I was actually there

July2 135
After the creek, we hit the pool!

July2 176
I tried to get a nice picture of all six of them - this was the best I could get.

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