Friday, February 29, 2008

Moments that Sparkle

Fonzy and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on February 22....come July, we will have been together for 10yrs.


I'm sure when Fonzy and I started seeing each other, he never thought 10yrs from now we would still be together. I was 27, and had 2 boys ages 8 and 7. He was 21, living the single life. We lived in the same apartment complex and Fonzy said the first time he saw me at the mailbox, he knew we would get together. How he knew that, I have no clue, but it happened. Now almost 10yrs later we're still together. The way hasn't always been easy. We've fought, we've cried, we've hurt each, we've broken up...but we've also laughed, loved, had two beautiful boys, and have built a wonderful life. It get's better with each passing year. Yeah, we still fight and get on each other's nerves at times, but that's part of the "happily ever after"

To celebrate our years together Fonzy got me this diamond journey necklace. I've been hinting for one, but didn't expect it on our anniversary. This necklace represents the journey of our life together, our past, our present, our future....and all our moments that sparkle.

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Lisa said...

That necklace is beautiful.. I guess being patient worked. I also loved your cute story. Good luck to both of you. I think the best relationships have couples that fight; if they don't , how are we supposed to get things done???lol