Wednesday, February 22, 2017

9/52 - Self Portraits in Black and White - Anniversary Edition!

IMG_0124 (3)

Most nights as I get ready for bed, I look for one of Fonzy's old white t-shirts. Even though I have plenty of pajamas, there's nothing better than sleeping in one of his t-shirts. If I have nightmares, I nudge him awake, he will pull me close to him and my nightmares go away.

Today we have been married for 14 years. Come July, we will have been together for 19 years. It hasn't always been rainbows and sunshine. We've fought, broken up, made up, laughed and cried. Some days we can't get enough of each other, some days we can't stand each other. But that's how love is sometimes.

I love this life we've built together. We have 2 boys who have grown up to be pretty good kids. One has already spread his wings and left the nest(college), the other is close behind, I'm looking forward to what our new life will be. Just the two of us. We've talked of traveling and new adventures. No matter what, we've got each other.

So Fonzy, here's to what was probably just a booty call in the beginning to almost 19 years of happily ever after!

I love you always and forever! And your white shirts.

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