Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sunshine Returns

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I read a story on Facebook yesterday about an 11 yr. old boy who shot and killed an 8 yr. old little girl, because she wouldn't show him her puppy. He went inside his house, grabbed a shotgun, and shot her. 11 yrs. old! 

I try to keep all my social media, Facebook and Instagram as positive as I possibly can. I hide posts that aren't positive, people who post drama are hidden from my feed, family included. There is so much pain and suffering in this world and I hate to see it. It hurts my heart. Losing a son to gun violence, and seeing it over, and over and over again, I just want to scream sometime and shut out the world!

A favorite travel blogger of mine, Carol Cain – Girl Gone Travel is in Fiji right now and posted of a taxi cab driver she had a conversation with. He sees America as “scary". No one in Fiji owns guns except police. He asked her thoughts about leaving the city to return to his village to fish and farm his inherited land, and in my mind I said, go to the village! I thought all morning as I got ready for work, what it would be like to live somewhere else besides here in America. A village, to farm and fish. To a simpler life....


Sunshine has returned to North Carolina and it feels good. 

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