Monday, February 9, 2015

Tulips and Tables

I saw these tulip bulbs at the grocery and they called to me. It's been cold out, and this was a reminder that Spring and warmer weather is on the way. Plus, I like having flowers on our table.

Funny thing about that table - we hardly ever eat at it. I really need to make a conscience effort to get my family around the table more often. When we lived in our little apartment, with a small dining table, we ate dinner around the table every night. EVERY.NIGHT. Sometimes we didn't have enough chairs for everyone, but we would pull up desk chairs or anything we had to eat as a family at the table. Since we've moved into our house several years ago, and have a big dinning table for everyone to sit around, we hardly ever eat at the table as a family. The boys will sit at the island on stools and Fonzy and I head to the living room. Every once in a while I will make everyone sit at the table, but not enough. We need to get back to the way we use to be. Every night, around the dinner table sharing a good meal, enjoying each other's company. Soon the boys will be off to college and living their own lives and I will regret not doing this. The time is now!

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