Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Holly Grove Championship Game

354 HG Championship game 2015 427 381Basketball season is a big deal here in our house. I'm sure it's Fonzy's favorite time of year. It's when he is in his element. I love watching him coach. He's so passionate about it. Fonzy has had a great season with his Holly Grove Bulldogs. The regular season they went undefeated, 12-0.

We've been so excited for this game. The boys played their hearts out, but the other team played harder. We ended up losing the game, 41-35. I was heartbroken for Fonzy and his boys. I thought he was going to be heartbroken too, but he said they played their hardest, and that's all he could ask for, and he was proud of his team. And he's already thinking of next season!

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