Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This Man Here

This man here - knocked out due to drugs, but probably dreaming of basketball!

Fonzy had two wisdom teeth pulled today. Before leaving for the dentist he told the boys just in case he didn't make it out of the anesthesia that he loved them, and it has been great being their Dad. He told me basically the same thing. I hushed him and told him not to be saying anything about not coming out of the anesthesia. I always pray that God takes me before him. I don't want to be in this world without him. I pray he doesn't take either one of us, until we are well into our 90s!

While in the waiting room, I tried to knit, but couldn't. I prayed instead. Prayed that God would keep him safe, that the surgery would go well and he would be out and back to his normal self. I know it's just a simple, routine procedure, but there have been people who have gone in for routine stuff and never awake. I was so happy when I was called back to him. The assistant came out and said, "your husband told me to go get his baby momma" He was laughing and shaking his head. I told him I could only imagine what he had said under the influence of the drugs. He asked me if he was always this funny and I told him yes!

The first thing Fonzy asked me when I got into the room was to drop him off at basketball practice! Always the coach. I know he hated to miss this one day of practice, with the championship game coming up, but I told him there will be no basketball today. His assistant coaches would handle it.

He has had an awesome season, undefeated for the regular season 12-0, with just the championship game left to be the conference champs. Before he became the head coach I believe the most games the school won in a season was 4.

During basketball season, Fonzy eats, sleeps and thinks basketball. It's always on his mind. He watches the games on dvd as soon as he get's home from them. He yells at the screen like he's coaching the game all over again. He loves coaching, loves the boys he coaches and it shows. Coaching is truly his calling.

After his games Fonzy always calls his Dad to tell him how the game went. I love this. They can get on the phone and talk for hours. They have such a close relationship, I hope the boys will have the same relationship with him when they get older.

The championship game is next week Tuesday. I'm sure Fonzy won't sleep the night before. He's already so high on adrenaline, and it's days away.

I believe they will win it all!

I will be there cheering him on with "My Heart Belongs to the Basketball Coach" shirt and taking pictures to document this special time in his life. We all can't wait!

my heart belongs

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