Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day - 2 The Beginning

beginningdoll Beginning a new doll is always exciting. I have a picture in my head of how I want the doll to look, and hope when I'm done it looks like what I imagined. If the doll is for someone, I think about that person while I'm knitting. I pray they are well. I think happy thoughts, and all those prayers and happy thoughts are knit into the doll also. If I get frustrated while working on the doll, I set it aside. Only happy thoughts are allowed.

The doll I started here is not for a little girl. It's for my aunt in-law. Is there such a thing? I hope when she receives the doll, it takes her back to a happy childhood of doll playing. I feel you are never too old to play with a doll. The little girl in us never dies, she's just waiting for a new doll to come out and play.

I'm participating in the Write 31 Days - Doll Knitting. You can see all my posts here

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