Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 7 - Legs, Short Rows and Fall!

write31_8 fall2014_3 fall2014_7
Those dang short rows got the best of me on the second leg! I tried a different method, German short rows and I got all confused, stitches got twisted, missed, dropped. You name it, it happened. I had to rip it out and start all over again. UGH! I finally got through the short rows, and am almost done with the second leg. I had to take a break after that process. Went outside to enjoy all I love about Fall.

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Martina @ snapshotsandwhatnots said...

Those short rows can be tricky! I love your stitch marker :)

Donna said...

Short rows are not my favorite. I understand your frustration. What an adorable stitch marker!

Lucy Bowen said...

At least you conquered them in the end!! But a break is well deserved!!

karen said...

lovely knitting and that stitch marker is so very cute!! Glad you won the short row battle :)